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Career Counseling a scientific way to get onto the right careertrack so as:

  • To Achieve Success, Happiness, and Peace of Mind
  • To excel in the chosen field
  • To enjoy work and achieve contentment and satisfaction
  • To be on the success ladder and help our own growth.
  • To avoid Disappointments / Stress / Worries / Pressures

Lets Find Out What Career Makes You Happy

Comprehensive Career Assessment

Career Counselling

  1. The Five critical factors while making career choices are:

  • Individuals interests
  • Career Values
  • Personality.
  • Learning Style
  • Skills & Abilities

   2. Career counseling helps to identify these three critical factors and help the individual choose the right career path through:

Comprehensive Career Profiling

Dr Amreeta Yanamandra is a medicaldoctor by profession and a qualified career counsellor.

From her personal experience as aparent, she realized the importance of good career guidance. She is passionateabout helping and guiding students through their career planning journey.

Amreeta has been involved inmedical teaching and training for over a decade. Having studied & worked inthe UK for over 10 years, she has an excellent knowledge of the educationsystem abroad. Her distinctive blend of experience enables her to offer thestudents different insights into the modern world of education.

The focus of her counselling isto empower students to realise their fullest potential, give structure to theirthoughts and review their career ideas so that they can make an informed choiceof the most suitable career path.

Her comprehensive,well-researched & personalized counselling approach will make thecomplicated & often confusing career decision making process simpler.

Amreeta Yanamandra

(Career Counsellor)

In this ever-changing world of education & with the emergence of newer career options, it is important tomake an informed decision about one’s career choice.

Most students and parents areoften not sure about a suitable career path & how to prepare for the academicallychallenging environment after graduating from high school. That’s where we comein!

‘Dreamcatcher’ was established asa one-stop centre for providing reliable information and accurate careerguidance to students. We help them realise their dreams & potentials,explore a world of possibilities and empower them to make the right choicesthat will suit their personality, skills & interest.

Our tailor-made counsellingservices based on a ‘perfect fit’ approach for each student, will be invaluableto every student wanting to make the right career choice.

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